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Some interesting facts about the character Nairobi money heist (Alba Flores):


Alba Flores is the lead actress in the drama series Money Heist, and she became immensely popular after being featured in some episodes. Although Money Heist is a non-English series, millions of viewers across the world are fans of this great show. Nairobi Money Heist is the main character of the series who is level-headed and rational even after experiencing the dire problems and tensions of life.

She is a confident and courageous woman, possessing leadership qualities. Whenever we watch Alba Flores on the screen, we feel entertained and excited. Everybody is eager to know if the actress is so sensational and pragmatic in her real life too. But the media is not providing information about her personal life to the audience.

Nairobi money heist Alba Flores was born into the Family of Artists

The artist is influenced by her family members who were acclaimed artists on the screen. Alba Flores was born on October 27, 1986, in Madrid, Spain. Anna Villa and Antonio Flores, were theatrical producers and music composers, respectively. Lola Flores is the grandmother of the Spanish actress who was a renowned actress and singer when she was born.

Alba Flores is known as La Farona ‘, as she is so energetic and dazzling on the screen. Her aunts, Lolita Flores and Rosario Flores, are also notable singers in Spain. Elena Furiase is the cousin of the Spanish actress who is also an actress. Antonio Gonzazles is a great and influential person in the Spanish film industry who has played a significant role in the life of the actress. He was then a famous singer and a flamenco composer.

Started her career at the age of 13.

Alba Floresis a blessed and talented artist who imparted training in dramatic interpretation at the age of 13. She also undertook piano lessons simultaneously. Then, shortly after, she acted in films such as Honeymoon, Hiroshima, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream, but not in a leading role. In 2005, she appeared in movies and worked with well-known performers Lluvia Roio and Ruth Diaz.

How did her mother raise her?

The actress lost her beloved father at the age of 8 and she became traumatized. Her father was only 33 years old when he passed away, and the cause of his death was due to the consumption of excessive alcohol and barbiturates. He shortly passed away, two weeks after the death of his grandmother, Lola Flores. So, her mother was a pillar of strength in her life who solely raised her.

Nairobi money heist character Alba Flores dating Helsinki

On social media channels, Alba Flores does not openly discuss her personal life or on her blog. She only shares information about her dramas and films. Many fans earlier thought she was single but shared chemistry with Helsinki, who played in Money Heist. So, her fans are amazed to learn about her secret relationship with the actor. Earlier, she dated the Spanish singer Ondina Maldonado as well.

Was she not in the original cast of Money Heist?

The character of Nairobi was not mentioned in the original script of Money Heist. Initially, the actress worked with the producer of Money Heist, Alex Pina, in Vis a Vis, and he asked her if she wanted to join another series.

Then, the producer realized that only one female character could be portrayed in the series. To make the drama more popular, he added another character named Nairobi. The character of the Nairobi Money Heist was then assigned to the actress Flores.

How did she feel about Nairobi dying?

Alba Flores left the Money Heists series bitter and sad. In the story, Nairobi is portrayed as a character who dies one fine day. So, after the scene of death, Alba Flores had to quit the drama.

The drama portrays the traumatic death of a Nairobi Money Heist , who dies heroically. She also felt liberated after leaving the show, as she was feeling fatigued after working tirelessly on the screen.

The Favorite Season of the Host

Alba Flores starred in all four seasons of the show, and she stated that the second season of the show was her favorite. She was interviewed by Identity Magazine and said that she enjoyed shooting enormously for the 2nd season of Money Heist. She played the role of a sensitive woman and not a tough character.

Her favorite co-star

This drama was thrilling, portraying the deep emotions of the characters, and it was a tragic drama too. The actress is a fun-loving character, but she managed to play the role artistically. Her fans were expecting her favorite co-star to be Tokyo, but she loves Berlin. She credits Pedro Alonso as the most entertaining person on screen in an interview.

The actress’s other on-screen appearances

Alba Flores was already well-known before her Nairobi Money Heist role in the Money Heist series, as she appeared in the Netflix series Vis a Vis. So, she won the Ondas Award as “Best Female Performer in Friction” in 2015.

She also won best supporting actress in a drama series in 2017. Before joining the drama series Money Heist, she also worked in El Sindrome de Ulises, El Tiempo, etc.

The actress is mainly known for her role in the drama as Nairobi money heist. She also became popular when she played the role of Saray Vargas. Then she played the role of a gypsy prisoner in Locked Up. In 2007, she sang a song titled “No Dudaria” along with her aunts in public as a tribute to her father on his 12th death anniversary.

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Her end scene in Money Heist:

Nairobi’s tragic end was the saddest scene of Money Heist season 4. A shot to her head literary left her fanatics in tears. Her dying scene that Alba Flores will now not appear in the coming seasons of Money Heist, or will she? The show brought them back to Berlin after his loss of life in the first heist which is why there’s still a wish for Nairobi. Nevertheless, if she does not reappear in the upcoming seasons of Money Heist, there’s no question that she could be seen on the display screen again.

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