Sell Gift Cards for Cash

Top 7 Places That Allow You Sell Gift Cards For Cash


Have you ever been given a present card you already know you won’t use? Where can you sell gift cards for cash?

Luckily, there are numerous authentic locations to promote your present playing cards for coins and eventually use that cash.

That’s why selling gift card for cash at a reduced charge to anyone who needs them is a win-win for you and the client.

Gift Card Granny

Through this easy-to-use internet site, you could promote present playing cards for coins or change an undesirable present card for one which you’ll truly use to sell gift cards for cash.

You simply want to go to the web website online, look for the brand/save in your present card, and input the present card’s stability, after which you could view gives.

What’s thrilling approximately Gift Card Granny is that it lets you to pick from some distinct promoting options:

Sell it now: With this choice, you definitely pick the pleasant provide and comply with promoting your present card for that fee. You can earn big with this to sell a gift card for cash. And, you acquire charge inside days. With this choice, you get coins speedy.

Name your fee: This choice lets you to listing your card online and you’ve got the threat to call your personal fee. This choice takes longer, however you can doubtlessly receive a commission extra. Once you promote and supply the present card, you acquire a charge to sell a gift card for cash.

Trade in: You change your undesirable present card for a present card you truly do want. There are dozens of famous and famous shops to pick from.

Sell Gift Cards for Cash


Another choice to sell gift cards for cash instantly is to promote your present playing cards on eBay as you could doubtlessly promote your card for a profit. However, hold in thoughts that this may be an extra hassle.

Here are some tips related to selling a gift card for cash –

Buy your postage via PayPal so eBay can tune the transport details

Don’t electronically mail the cardboard wide variety and pin even after the client will pay for it, leading them to wait to acquire the real card to sell gift cards for cash online.

Most consumers are honest, however, some horrific actors deliver anybody a horrific call. An eBay rip-off is for the client to pay for the cardboard and acquire the cardboard wide variety and pin in an electronic mail.

The client speedy makes a buy with the cardboard after which documents a criticism with eBay mentioning the vendor offered a horrific card. Sellers that don’t comply with the 3 protection hints above emerge as refunding the client and losing the present card in the process. Besides gift cards, you can also find many more best selling product on ebay at the lowest price during promotions like Halloween, Christmas sale, New Year…


GiftCash accepts present playing cards of all kinds from famous branch shops, eating places, grocers and extras. While the internet site states that you could earn as much as 92% of a present card’s fee, every card is given a completely unique quote that might be lower. If your card is standard, CardCash would reimburse you right away to sell gift cards for cash.

Use CardCash’s quote device to peer how tons coins your present card is really well worth and to discover in case you want to bodily mail it in. You additionally have the choice to change the present card for one at some other save, in all likelihood exceeding the fee of your modern-day present card.


It will now no longer receive partly used playing cards or reloadable gift cards.

Furthermore, the web website online does now no longer provide an immediate purchase choice. In that approach, you want to set an aggressive fee on your listing. According to Gameflip, a decrease of between 10% and 15% should be applied. Clearly, the larger the savings, the faster you may expect to receive the cash.



It is the best gift card to sell for cash. By promoting via a present card market, they confirm the stability and provide supplier safety in case the client has a hassle redeeming the cardboard. If you need to go there quickly, you can subscribe to premium transit and then have the cost deducted from your pay. If you are still unsure about ClipKard, you can read more reviews on or find more information using the hashtags on


You could establish your own price and change it at a certain moment before a sale at Raise.

The web website online gives present playing cards from lots of manufacturers throughout classes as varied as travel, clothing, DIY, and beauty. And yes, you could use Raise to promote Amazon’s present playing cards for coins.

Raise additionally gives masses of client protections. All orders come with a one-year warranty. If you attempt to utilize the gift card within the specified time frame and if it does not function, you are entitled to full compensation.

If you are a resident of the United States, you may only use the Raise website to sell an e-gift card for cash.

Card Kangaroo

If you make a decision to alternate, you may want to mail your undesirable card at once to Card Kangaroo with the use of the loose transport label. The corporation will dispatch your new card within forty-eight hours of receiving your shipment to sell gift cards for cash. With this approach you could have an excessive degree of self-assurance in the process; at no factor are you dealing at once with different users.

If you promote your present card, you may nevertheless want to mail it to the corporation. However, it’ll ship both a test and PayPal charge within forty-eight hours of receipt.

Rather than leaving your present card in a drawer, undesirable, you could promote it and make benefit from it or change it for a card that you truly do want. Again, those are a number of pleasant locations to promote your present playing cards due to the fact you could get the maximum cash for them. When you promote a card to sell gift cards for cash, the cash is deposited into your wallet. From there, you could pick to withdraw it through PayPal, direct transfer, or in Bitcoin. Finally, before buying any product you can read more reviews on or to choose the right product with the best price.

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