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Undergraduate Dissertation Writing Guidelines And Structure


When studying for an undergraduate degree, you must write a dissertation at the end of your studies to complete your degree. You need to complete your undergraduate dissertation well-written and well-structured so you can graduate with distinction. To write a perfect dissertation, you should conduct research from various sources and collect information and data about the topic.

Students always struggle to write a perfect dissertation because it requires logical thinking, in-depth knowledge, writing skills, and communication skills. Some students don’t know how to conduct research, whereas some don’t know how to write a dissertation. On the other hand, the major problem is that students find it difficult to combine their dissertations in a good structure. To avoid this problem, you must plan before writing your undergraduate dissertation.

This article will provide important writing guidelines and help you understand how to structure your undergraduate dissertation.

Writing Guidelines For Undergraduate Dissertation

To write your dissertation in a perfect manner for your undergraduate degree, you need to remember some of the following guidelines. That are given below:

Select A Topic For Your Dissertation

The first step for writing your undergraduate dissertation is selecting an appropriate topic for your research. Make sure that the topic you select for your dissertation should not be too broad or not too concise. If you select a too broad topic for your dissertation, it is quite difficult for you to collect the information and data related to the topic. And if you select a topic for your dissertation that is too concise, then it is impossible for you to collect all the relevant information and data about the topic. In both cases, you struggle to write your dissertation up to its appropriate length. To avoid this problem, you need to select a topic that should cover within the required length of your dissertation.

Understand What Type Of Information And Data You Need To Write Your Dissertation

After selecting the topic for your undergraduate dissertation, the next step is to understand the problem question of your topic. This will help you to analyse and estimate what type of information is required to provide the solution to that question problem. The following questions will help you to understand the information you require:

  • What is your undergraduate dissertation topic?
  • What is the problem question of your topic?
  • What type of information do you already have?
  • What do you need to present in your dissertation?
  • What types of methodology do you want to use?

Gather The Information And Data About The Topic.

The next step to writing your dissertation is to start researching and collecting information and data about the topic. You can use different sources for the collection of information. These sources include books, journals, publications, research papers, government documents, and encyclopedias.

After collecting information and data from these sources, you can easily interpret and analyse the information about your topic, which results in giving recommendations more precisely.

Design A Plan

After collecting the information and before start writing your undergraduate dissertation, your next step is to design a plan. You can complete your dissertation well-written and well-structured by following this plan. However, if you want to see different dissertations to make your plan, go to the best dissertation writing services UK. Here you can find hundreds of dissertations that will guide you in making your plan.

Structure For Your Undergraduate Dissertation

The undergraduate dissertation has a unique structure you should follow while writing your dissertation. The typical structure for your dissertation is stated below:

Title Page

It should be the first page of your dissertation. On the top of this page, you must include the title of your dissertation. Followed by your name, professor name, university name, and submission date.


The second page of your undergraduate dissertation should contain an abstract. It demonstrates the work that you will do in your dissertation.


After writing an abstract, you should include an introduction to the topic in your undergraduate dissertation. The introduction paragraph is used to show the background information about the topic. It also demonstrates what research method your will use in your research.

Main Body Paragraph

This section of your undergraduate dissertation includes your main discussion about the topic. Here you also include the results of your research with their methodology.


In this section, you will conclude the whole discussion of your research.


Here you provide all the references of the sources from where you collect the information and data about the topic.


You must write an undergraduate dissertation to complete your undergraduate degree. To obtain good grades in the degree, you should complete your dissertation well-written and well-structured. For this sake, your first step is to select a topic that is in your area of interest. After that, collect the related information and create an outline to write your dissertation. Complete your dissertation according to your outline.

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