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What are the essential details regarding the website “cu at the game”?


This can be regarded as a very popular question among a lot of people around the world. The phrase is quite complicated and the only hint that one gets after reading the phrase is that it is linked to a game. Other than that, it is quite difficult to decipher more information from this particular phrase. As a result people often look up these terms on the internet. The “cu at the game” is nothing but a college football website focused on University of Colorado Buffaloes. It is very popular among fans all over the world. It was published by Stuart Whitehair. He also hosts a podcast by the same name. This website is entirely dedicated to all the CU fans. It provides them all the vital details regarding the different CU games.

Such a website can be regarded as very useful and it is recommended that every university should have a website like this which is entirely dedicated to the purpose of showcasing the vital details regarding their specific games and sports. This can be considered as a very modern approach. As we all know, certain universities are very advanced in different categories of games and sports and their students are also very talented. But they are not getting the necessary fame or publicity because of the absence of such websites. These websites can also help the students by giving them the much needed exposure. This can be very helpful in the case of students who want to pursue a career in that particular sport. Now, here we will be discussing some of the essential details regarding the cu at the game. So, without further delay, let’s get into our topic of discussion.

Publisher of the website

This discussion can be regarded as very important. As we all know, a discussion about a book is incomplete without discussing its author. In the same way, the discussion regarding a website would be regarded as incomplete without discussing its publisher. The person behind this

famous and informative website is Stuart Whitehair. As per reports, his history with the University of Colorado football team dates back to 1980. This was his freshman year in Boulder. His association with the famous university was the main reason behind the birth of this website, “cu at the game”. According to him, 1980 was a year of infamy in Boulder. This is because of the fact that in the spring, the CU cut a number of sports programs, including baseball and wrestling. In addition to that, during the fall, the football team went 1-10, including infamous losses to Drake and to Oklahoma.

He states that in spite of everything, he was there in the stands, at every home game. In 1984, he received his B.A. in History/Political Science. Thereafter, he went on to attend the law school at CU. Thus, he was there in the senior section for the epic 20-10 win over Nebraska in 1986. He graduated in 1987 and then returned home to Bozeman, Montana, to open his own law practice. But, he states that he has always remained true to his school. He is actually a longtime season ticket holder and a former member of the CU Alumni Association Board of Directors. He used to commute 700 miles for most of the home games each season. These vast collections of experiences helped him to publish an effective website which is dedicated to these games! Thus, his loyalty is very much evident from the effort that he took to watch these games. Such people can be regarded as very rare. Thus, it can be assured that he is definitely the right person to publish a website like this. No one will be able to do this better than him.

History behind the cu at the game

As per reports, he started writing about the CU games in his book in 1996. His main motive was to write about all of the CU games. He was convinced that such documentation is very important and it will help the people to go through the games at a later point of time. In addition to that, the people who have missed the game due to any problems can also get a glimpse of the same through this documentation. Thus, he was very determined with the idea and hence started writing the book immediately. He wanted to write about all the games that he had attended since his freshman year in 1980. His research for the book led him to the late Fred “The Count” Casotti. He was a longtime CU administrator and CU Hall of Fame inductee. It was Fred who introduced Whitehair to longtime CU Media Relations director Dave Plati, who graciously allowed him access to the CU Archives. Gradually, everything fell into place and he was able to successfully start the website with the help of all his friends and supporters. The website has been online since 2008. Currently, he also hosts a podcast by the same name, which can be found at all of the popular podcast sites, as well as Buzzsprout.

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An overview of the website

The website has an excellent appearance and in addition to that it is very user-friendly. Anyone can easily search the website, “cu at the game” on the internet. On the topmost part of the website, the CU fans can get five options to choose from. These include Home, Archived Seasons, Polls, About, and Links. The Home page showcases different featured articles as well as all the latest articles. By clicking on the Archived Seasons, the fans can see all the seasons that are archived there. The website also has a page for Polls which is very interesting. In the About page, the fans can see all the detailed information regarding the website as well as the publisher. Lastly, the Links page provides the links to different important and related websites that the fans might want to visit.

Thus, from our discussion of the topic, it is quite evident that the website, “cu at the game” is indeed very famous and it has a lot of fans from all over the world. Such websites are very helpful and provide all the necessary information regarding different games. Such documentation can be regarded as very useful. It also helps in increasing the knowledge regarding different sports among the young generations.

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