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What are the vital aspects of idbi net banking?


The net banking facility is gaining great popularity now-a-days. Currently, more and more people are using these facilities. This is because of the fact that these facilities provide numerous beneficial features to the users. With the help of these facilities, people can enjoy a smooth banking experience all the time. Here, we will be discussing some of the vital aspects of the idbi net banking facilities in detail. Such a discussion is very important because it will help the people to decide whether they want to access these facilities or not. But it can be definitely assured that once the people get to know the advantages of these facilities, they will surely prefer using it.

Initially, when these facilities were launched, people were not sure of their authenticity. This was especially observed in the case of elderly people. They are not much familiar with the technology and hence, prefer to go to the bank in-person . In addition to that, a lot of people think that these facilities are fraudulent and hence, they may lose their valuable money. But currently, this scenario is changing a lot. Now, people are much more familiar with these facilities as well as the advantages provided by them. Thus, without further delay, let’s take a look at the vital aspects of these facilities in detail.

Vital features of idbi net banking

  • All the details regarding the account can be accessed by the customers very easily. These include details such as account balance, account related enquiries and status, transaction tracking and history, loan installments and funds flow details, statements, cheque status, etc. Thus, it is evident that by using these facilities all these vital details can be accessed anytime using your smartphone or PC. Hence, the customers do not have to visit the bank unnecessarily.
  • The demat account information can also be accessed very easily with the help of these facilities. These include details such as the name, correspondence address, account numbers and bank account numbers associated with the account. The holding statements display the list of demat scrip with ISIN code, scrip name, and balance. The statement of transaction lists the transactions for a period, with details of security and balances. The billing statement, on the other hand, shows details of the charges for respective transactions.
  • Another vital feature of these facilities is online instructions and requests. These further include facilities such as cheque book, stop payment, fixed and recurring deposit opening / renewal, Mobile / DTH recharge, IPO application through ASBA, etc These facilities can be regarded as very beneficial for all the customers. These facilities are very vital and in order to access them, the customers do not have to visit the bank and stand in long queues. Rather, they can just login to their account with the help of the idbi net banking facilities. Thus, by sitting in the comfort of their own homes, they can easily access these services.
  • The online payment services are also regarded as very important. Here, the bank’s online payment facility is linked with merchant websites/e-shops through its direct debit payment gateway service. The idbi bank offers this facility to online merchants/service providers requiring online payment services such as e-commerce merchants, online share trading portals, an AMC selling online mutual funds etc.
  • Another essential feature of this net banking facility is bill payment and presentment. 

The electronic bill presentment and payment feature allows idbi bank customers to pay for their utility bills online through the bank’s internet banking service or also by visiting the website of the service provider.

How To Apply?

From our discussion till now, it is quite evident that these facilities are indeed very beneficial to the customers. Now, here we will be discussing how to apply for the idbi net banking facilities. The procedure of application can be regarded as very simple. It involves just three basic steps. These steps are listed below in detail.

  • The first thing that the customers have to do is to get in touch with the bank. In order to do so, they can call on the toll free numbers provided by the bank. These numbers are 1800-209-4324 and 1800-22-1070. Thus, this can be regarded as the first step in the application procedure.
  • The next thing that they have to do is to visit the bank’s branch. They can definitely visit their nearest branch. If they don’t know about their nearest branch, then they can easily take the help of the tools present on the bank’s official website. This will help them to locate the nearest branch.
  • After completing these steps, the customers will receive a call back from the bank. The representatives of the bank will contact the customers at their earliest. Thus, in order to apply for these facilities, the customers should follow these steps properly.

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Some vital rules of idbi internet banking

The customers who want to access the idbi net banking should keep certain rules and regulations in mind. These are listed below in detail.

  • The user would need to be a current authorized or legal internet user. He/She should have access to the internet and must possess sufficient knowledge regarding how the internet works.
  • The users should not attempt or permit others to access the account information stored in the bank’s computers.
  • All the vital instructions for operating the Internet banking facility shall only be given by the user in the manner indicated or informed by the bank.
  • The user is responsible for the accuracy and authenticity of the instructions so provided to the bank and the same shall be considered to be sufficient to operate the Internet banking facility.

Thus, from our discussion of the topic, it can be concluded that the idbi net banking is indeed very beneficial for the users. Thus, everyone should try to access these facilities. These services are one hundred percent genuine and users do not have to worry about losing their money. Thus, in order to enjoy a smooth banking experience, they should definitely use these facilities!

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