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Petalandpup is a Woman style and clothing company which is based in ‘The land Down Under’ country. This online boutique is one of the top selling clothing brand companies famous for its stylish clothing designs and comfort perfection. 

Petalandpup is a successful company with net income of around $1.5 Million per share in the first quarter of 2022. 

How Petalandpup came into existence?

This Australian based Fashion company was founded in 2014 by Shopify. Patelandpup is a Family run business where every member was involved and contributed to the success of this online boutique. Tiffany is the founder with Philip as the Chief executive officer, her husband Julian is the Chief operating officer, the Department of Human resources is under the hands of her mother Robyn and John, her uncle looks after the Manufacturing process of clothing line. Tiffany being the founder would work 16-18-Hour shifts day and night to have a desirable outcome. Petalandpup wasn’t built in a day but took eight years to earn the mega spot in the fashion industry. Tiffany was an expert in affordable and comfortable fashion which became the main factor that grew her business from home market to international branch. For two years, the family struggled to grow the business but in 2016 they smelt success when their boutique expanded in the US market.

The well-implemented strategy helped Petalandpup to give competitions to the rival fashion companies as their customers were loyal and the technology that was used helped them get ahead in the ecommerce platform. There was no room to make a mistake and regret it. They lost and learnt from their failure to stand again and again.

Technology and e-commerce growth

“If we didn’t have access to this kind of technology, our jobs wouldn’t really exist. Just day to day, everything revolves around Shopify Plus for our business. It’s the core.”

– Julian Henry (COO, Petal & Pup)

Petalandpup e-commerce growth started with planning in Tiffany Scarff’s study and then down stairs in the living area. Then again upstairs to the bedroom. As a family business, it started in the home. Since the business started to grow more, they ran out of space and her father Phillip said to her that this is the right time to set up everything. Then they began searching for the resources and management to set up their business venture. With the small planning and highly effective strategies, they build their start-up. From home to an international business, they grew with the help of Shopify Plus.

With the help of technology and e-commerce, Petalandpup took no step back as it had earned top rank in the fashion industry.

Shopify Plus

Shopify Inc. is a Canadian multinational e-commerce company which is located in Ottawa, Ontario. Shopify is famous for its Online retails shops and point of sale e-commerce system. This online platform offers commercial promotions and services line payments, marketing, shipping, customer loyalty and use engagement resources. From startups to big brands, you can easily get access to anything business here. Shopify was founded by Tobias Lutke and Scott Lake in 2006. They first started an online store to sell snowboarding equipment by opening a brand named Snowdevil but with dissatisfaction of its ecommerce growth led to its closure. Two months after learning from their failure, they started Shopify by creating an open source template language system named as Liquid. Shopify Plus gives a Launchpad that lets you plan, automate and execute marketing campaigns for your brands.

Many brands like Petalandpup have enjoyed success by shaking hands with Shopify and still growing everyday. Flash sale, product launch, sales campaign, retailers, scheduling and rescheduling. Launchpad gives advantages to retailers in their business growth process which leads to :

  • About 400% revenue is the year-over-year sales growth.
  • Orders shipping to more than 80 different countries.
  • Global sales represents 20% as the total revenue generated by Petalandpup.

“We’re expanding into North America, and also we’re growing our presence in New Zealand. Having Shopify Plus and that scale has allowed us to easily tap into those markets.”

–Julian Henry (COO, Petal & Pup)

Covid in e-commerce

People like to shop online as per their convenience and to save time. They easily get access to a variety of options. Then why waste time roaming around and searching the market and shop. Many online businesses have seen growth since the pandemic happened to the world.

People had to lock themselves in their house for their health and this led to sudden rise in the ecommerce platforms. Statistics show that e-commerce is the most important part to build the fashion industry and generate huge revenue. This industry generated around $713 Billion in 2022.

Comfort in Fashion

Comfort is still the most demanded thing in Fashion. We might see growth of clothing brands but it doesn’t mean that they have a loyal customer base. Loyalty can’t be earned by money but trust and values. The targeted customers are rising rapidly in the fashion industry due to new fashion trends and an urge to develop a good personality. Clothing plays a very essential role in polishing your physique and features. Fashion e-commerce is diverse and customers of all ages want to look good. From teenagers to adults, they want to look attractive and desirable. And a clothing brand which not only offers perfect clothing but also comfort gets the loyalty of customers. The Australian brand Petalandpup is an example of comfort perfection.

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What do we get in the Petalandpup store?

The affordable, timeless and comfortable fashion online stores, Petalandpup is winning its customers around the world. You get to buy party dresses and formal clothing lines, From accessories to footwear. As the name suggests, it is based on Woman fashion and apparels.

We get to see Cute and minimal accessories which can be worn on any kind of occasion. Their variety of clothing is available in different colours, shades and sizes.

The Top rated dresses which are loved by their customers are mentioned below :

  1. Didi frill mini dress – Green stripe
  2. Zeri dress – Orange
  3. Percie off shoulder dress – White
  4. Daria Dress – Black
  5. Peta Dress – White with Floral design
  6. Hyatt Dress – black
  7. Sofi Dress – Splice
  8. Rosetta Dress – Olive
  9. Cyprus Dress – Rust
  10. Davie Dress – Orange

These dresses are the most loved items from Petalandpup online store. Check their website now.

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