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Gain knowledge about the plagiarism checker tool duplichecker


Are you a content writer? Do you write content every day? But you find a problem when it comes to checking the plagiarism. Now, as a content writer, you surely know what plagiarism is. For this reason, we are not going to discuss it. But if you want to know where to check this plagiarism, one name will stand in the excellent stage. That is a duplichecker

It is a mind-blowing online tool that offers and allows content creators to check the content on this tool. Recently, this tool has become one of the favourite tools in the world of content writing. Many content professionals use this tool for safety from plagiarized content. We should understand this tool in detail.

What do you know about duplichecker? 

In the content writing world, the duplichecker is like a blessing for those who actually can’t buy the premium tools to check the content. Yes, this tool offers one of the best services and allows the content creators to check the content quickly and find out the flaws if the content has plagiarism or not.

But before we enter the technical part, we need to discuss some essential features of this tool.

Features of duplichecker

Let’s check its features first. It will give us a brief idea about the tool and its functions.

  1. The readers should know that the device has both free and paid versions. It is your choice which version you want to use. But it is also true the free version is limited. In the paid version, the users can avail of more services from the free version.
  2. First, we should check the free version. You can open the free version easily on any device, such as personal computers, laptops and mobile devices. You must ensure you have a proper internet connection at the time of use.
  3. In the free version, you can check 1000 words of content. Yes, the tool doesn’t allow more than that.
  4. In the free version, you can check documents like .txt, .rtf, .docx, .odt and .tex etc. document. The users can also check the content via the webpage URL.
  5. On the free version, you can also check the grammar. When the users click on the grammar check option in the bottom line, it will open another window of the free Grammarly checker tool. Therefore, via this tool, you can quickly check the grammar of your content.
  6. This tool can check various languages such as English, Dutch, Turkish, Romanian, Danish, German and many more. But
  7. As per our best information, we don’t know if the tool supports Indian languages like Hindi, Bengali, or Tamil. We think the device supports the Latin alphabet languages. But it is still another argument, so at this moment, we need to stop this argument.
  8. Now, you can find various packages if you check the paid version. The tool offers many paid plans starting from 10 USD/per month. The pay packages are divided into basic one, primary two, basic three and many more. You understand different packages give you different types of features. Besides this, if you buy the high package, you will get more functions from the tool.
  9. The tool also offers the Pro, Institute, and Enterprise packages. If you check the prices, these packages are up to 200 USD per month.
  10. You must know about the paid package you can get the other special facilities. Like in the paid packages, you can quickly check more than 1000 words of content. The content writer will do a deep root search of up to 2500 words in one chance. The users can get an accurate plagiarism report, and they will get the interface without any advertisement.
  11. On the paid packages, the user can also avail of services like Authority checker, word counter, keyword position checker, Grammar checker, paraphrasing tool, small text, reverse image search option, and backlink check. You understand that the paid package provides SEO tools on the same interface. It will make your content more SEO friendly and open the wide world for you.

Other features of the duplichecker

The tool offers more features, and we need to know this. As a user, it will help you understand the mechanism more accurately.

  1. The tool offers AI-based checking technology.
  2. The tool can identify minor plagiarized content.
  3. You can also determine the paraphrasing content.
  4. The device can help the users to compare the content with the millions of content sources.
  5. The tool helps to identify duplicate content quickly.
  6. The agency offers colour methods to determine the wrong content.
  7. Users can check each sentence soon.
  8. Privacy is guaranteed on this tool.
  9. The tool doesn’t store any uploaded content.
  10. The device is safe from data leakage.
  11. Offer privacy security.
  12. The tool is user-friendly and easy to use.
  13. You can identify the plagiarised content via number sourcing.
  14. The tool supports various languages and word formats. Users can quickly check the plagiarism on this tool.

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How to use the tool?

In this short description, we can give you the idea of using the tool for plagiarism checking. We hope you already have written content with you. You need to open the device by typing on the address bar. You can directly copy and paste the content on the tool’s plagiarism check area or upload the content by choosing the file from the “choose file” option.

After this, you need to click on the “ReCaptcha” area. Click on the “I am not a robot” box. You can click on the grammar box to check the grammar. And if you’re going to prevent plagiarism, you can click on the box. After clicking the plagiarism box, you need to wait for a moment. Within a few seconds, the tool will give you a report about plagiarism with a “Unique” and “Plagiarism” format.

The plagiarism content will mark in red colour. The users can also understand the percentage the unique and plagiarised content. As a user, you can also download the report if you use the paid version. The free version doesn’t allow the download option of the plagiarism report.

It is all about the duplichecker tool. The article tries to cover all the information about the device. And if you want more information, you can check the demo video on the tool’s official website.

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