Houseplants that thrive in water but not soil!

Houseplants that thrive in water but not soil!


Have your friends and family branded you a plant killer? Has your experience with plants been less than ideal? You want to be accompanied by plants, but the thought of plant motherhood keeps you up at night. Your hopes of cultivating a little garden at home seem more unrealistic. Don’t stress! Here to save the day is the soil-less gardening movement. Start again in your planting adventure with Kuala Lumpur Florist‘s low-maintenance water plants that can revitalize your environment. You may not have a knack for gardening, but you’ve us on your side! Put an end to your houseplants wilting in water and make a statement with these recommendations for low-maintenance houseplants.

  • Flowers of Peace Lily

The lovely Peace Lily is the perfect addition to any indoor water garden. Its aesthetic value and ability to clean the air in a room both contribute to its widespread use as an interior design element. It needs a steady supply of water and a fresh supply around once every two weeks to be healthy. The dark green foliage and white blossoms of the Peace Lily will stand out in a room with medium to low lighting.

  • Planta arachnid

Spider plant’s arching foliage and white blossoms are eye-catching and little maintenance. The Airplane Plant is a popular houseplant due to its reputation for cleaning the air. Cuttings of the Spider Plant may be rooted in water and grown into new plants. Every two weeks, move the plant to a new spot with strong indirect light and fresh water.

  • The Arrowhead Plant

The arrow-shaped leaves of the Arrowhead Plant, often called the Goosefoot Plant, may be any color from green to white to pink, and the plant thrives in either water or soil. It’s also excellent for cleaning the air around it. The greatest places for this low-maintenance plant to flourish are in hanging pots or tall containers that can support its trailing tendrils. It has to be pruned periodically, kept in indirect bright light, and its water changed every two weeks.

  • Coleus plant 

The coleus plant, often known as the mint family’s coleus, has its origins in Southeast Asia. Its hues of pink, and green leaves are beautiful to look at, and their presence instantly lifts the mood of any room. Its long stems need a similarly tall and compact container in which to flourish. Water it once on a biweekly basis and pinch it back to encourage bushier growth to keep up its beautiful look.

In conclusion, if you want to bring some color and life into your home but don’t want to deal with typical houseplants, choose one of these water-loving houseplants. Visit WhiteOnWhite online shop to gift birthday flower bouquets. These tips may also be put to use when giving plants as presents to friends and family. Get comfortable with the idea of raising plants without soil. You never know, you could end up becoming a plant sage after all.

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