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“Graves Into Gardens” is a hymn of tribute to the strength and might of our God. This song exalts God’s faithfulness to all of us with great assurance. In life, there are times when we can all find ourselves holding a funeral for dreams that we once genuinely believed in.

There are times when the end of a close connection knocks the wind out of us and we feel like we’re gazing at a hopeless situation, yet at these moments, our God intervenes to show his power over everything that is in the grave into gardens lyrics. He is an expert at making things better. Resurrection is his area of expertise. He is the only one who can find springs in the desert and a passage through the wilderness.

Meaning of the Song

The song was inspired by a sermon given by Furtick, the senior pastor of Elevation Church, in which he discussed the funeral of the prophet Elisha in 2 Kings. Two Israelites were waiting beside Elisha’s grave, planning to bury another guy, when they noticed their enemies approaching quickly. They hurriedly threw the dead body into Elisha’s grave out of fear. Amazingly, the man sprang to life when his body came in contact with the bones of the dead prophet.

Elevation Worship sucked in all the goodness this earth had to give. They were left feeling drained, unfulfilled, and devastated when they were writing grave into gardens lyrics. Then Jesus appeared, quenching their parched souls, providing more than enough, and mending their broken spirits. They declare that God is superior to all, and they are not hesitant to turn to God in their shortcomings because He is all-knowing.

“RATTLE!,” an incredibly entertaining song about Christ’s resurrection, opens the album. Even though it might not be the most worshipful song about this joyful occasion, it is nevertheless a lot of fun to listen to and sing along to. The rock tone of the song is a welcome change of pace from the music being provided by many of these megachurch worship teams.

Another lively song about our witness in Christ, “My Testimony,” follows. Although some people might object to the song’s “I” and “me”-centric lyrics, the song’s primary message is about offering God gratitude for the things He has done for us. The title track, featuring Brandon Lake, comes next. The rock vibes continue thanks to Lake’s raspier voice with grave into gardens lyrics.

After Wells’ arrival, the slower piano is back for “No One Beside,” although this time it sticks out a little more than the previous two. The band finally enters the next song after vamping on “You Can Have My Heart” for slightly over four minutes. When it comes to praise music, “There Is a King” has a significantly distinct tone than what is typical.

The song features some unusual vocal effects, a very light acoustic guitar, light percussion, and keys. With its simple vibe, it may not be the best music to play during a high-intensity worship session, but it does offer a special opportunity for introspection and adoration. The album’s softest tune is followed by “What Would You Do,” which features Isaiah Templeton. More on grave into gardens lyrics are below.

Story of Elevation Worship

Elevation Worship started out as the musical division of the multi-site Elevation Church, which was established in Charlotte, North Carolina, in 2006 by pastor Steven Furtick. Chris Brown, Mack Brock, and Wade Joye served as the group’s initial musical foundation; they all sang and played guitar, while Furtick contributed to their songwriting.

Along with vocalists like Jenna Barrientes, Jonsal Barrientes, London Gatch, Anna Sailors, and Jane Williams, singers Brown and Brock would become two of Elevation Worship’s onstage highlights. Elevation Worship collaborated with a changing cast of instrumentalists. It is interesting regarding grave into gardens lyrics.

The trio then signed a deal with Sony Music-distributed Christian record company Essential Records, and their debut album for the label, For the Honor, was released in 2011. On the Christian album charts, it peaked at number 19, but their subsequent album, Nothing Is Wasted (2012), became their first to reach the top spot.

Both critics and listeners praised Here in Heaven (2013) and Only King Forever (2014), while Wake Up the Wonder (2014), another release from Elevation Worship, became the group’s second Christian chart-topper.

A track from the 2016 album Here as in Heaven, “O Come to the Altar,” was released as a single, peaked at number two on the Christian Singles charts, and was awarded gold status. It was recorded at a worship event in Charlotte that attracted a capacity audience of 16,000 people. You should know this regarding grave into gardens lyrics.

Additionally, Here as in Heaven marked the debut of Elevation’s new Elevation Worship label, which is associated with Provident Distribution. There Is a Cloud, another live album that debuted in March 2017 and quickly became another number one Christian success, climbed to number 11 on the Top 200 albums chart.

With “Do It Again,” the album produced a Christian hit single. Elevation Worship released Lo Harás Otra Vez, their first Spanish-language album, five months later.

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Members of Elevation Worship

Chris Joel Brown

He used to be a part of the crew ever since its beginning in 2007. He is regarded as the group’s leader. Since he was born as the pastor’s son, Chris has been a lifetime believer in Christianity. His mother, a singer and musician, inspired him and gave him a flair for singing. Joah Adelaide is one of their two children, and he is married to Beth Brown. He was born on December 22nd, 1981, and contributes to the band on guitar. He is an important part of grave into gardens lyrics.

Jonsal Barrientes

He is a different group member. One of the top vocalists in the Elevation Worship Group is Jonsal. Prior to joining Elevation Church, he studied at the International School of the Americas.

Jenna Winders

He attended school to become a registered nurse. the University of North Carolina, but she gave her life to the gospel and worked with Elevation Worship as a musical pastor. She was born on December 25, 1988, and is a prominent vocalist for the group.

Ms. Jane Williams

Luke Williams, the managing director of the sports and physical therapy company Architect Sports, is married to Jane. Wyatt and Nolan are Wyatt and Nolan’s two sons. She has been a singer with Elevation Worship since the group’s inception in 2007. You should know him if you are searching for grave into gardens lyrics.

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