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Some interesting panchatantra story in english for you


There are a lot of the famous as well as very known types of the panchatantra story in english language for you, which are actually known to be very interesting to be read or can be told to the kids. But a few of them are being mentioned here in the particular article. Have a look at the same and continue reading the article till the end of the same in order to know more about the stories and their morals.

Here are a few most interesting and also wonderful panchatantra story in english language for you and also for your kids. Continue reading the panchatantra stories.

  1. The three promises

The three promises is known to be one of the best as well as the wonderfully interesting story for a person to be heard under the umbrella of panchatantra story in english language.

There was a young man whose name was Aditya and one day he was walking through a forest when he came across a very beautiful well. Aditya was thirsty and he wanted to drink some water from it but he got shocked when he saw a tiger, a man, along with the snake inside that dry well. All three of them pleaded with Aditya to get them out of that well.

But then he was a bit confused and scared as well that if he took out the tiger from the well then he was going to eat him, if he took the snake out of it then he was going to bite him, he thought. But the tiger assured him is that he will not going to harm him and along with that snake also hissed in that agreement.

Then Aditya finds a rope to get them out of that well. He threw the rope inside the dry well and asked all of them to come out one by one. This way Aditya helped all three in getting rescued out of the well.

First of all the tiger came out of that well he thanked Aditya for rescuing him and he told whenever you come again in the forest do visit my home I will be your friend and I promise you to repay you for this help that you have done to me is the interesting panchatantra story in english language.

Then comes the snake out of the well he also hissed again and told Aditya that whenever you need my help you just have to take my name and I will be there to help you out.

Then comes the human being out of that well. He also thanked Aditya for helping him out in getting out of the well. He said that you are a brave young man and I am the Goldsmith of the capital city. I promise to be your friend from now on. Please visit to my city whenever you come there.

Aditya was very happy to make new friends and he started his journey again. Then after a few years he was again passing by some forest. Then Aditya remembered that the tiger promised him to visit his cave whenever he was supposed to visit the forest again. So he visited the cave of the tiger and greeted him very warmly and gave him some fresh fruits as well as some fresh water to drink.

When Aditya was about to leave, the tiger also gave some gold jewellery and ornaments to him. Then he remembered that there was one human being who was the goldsmith of the capital city. He thought to go to him so that he could melt all the ornaments and give some gold coins out of it.

Then Aditya went to the goldsmith and he created him very warmly, offered him some wonderful lamendo juice and asked about the journey that he was doing. Aditya narrated the whole journey to him and asked him to help with the gold ornaments and melt the same for making some wonderful gold coins.

The goldsmith was very shocked when he saw the gold jewellery and ornaments. He told Aditya that these are the same ornaments which were being created or made with his own hands for the younger brother of the king. Then he also told him that the younger brother of the king has been missing for a very long time. Then the King has announced that he will give a reward if he provides the information about the prince to the king.

Then he asked Aditya to take a rest for sometime in the palace and he headed to the room of the king. The goldsmith told King that he had come to know about the killer of the king’s younger brother. The king sent some soldiers to arrest Aditya immediately. And also he refused to hear any kind of other hand story and directly threw him in the jail.

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Moral of the panchatantra story in english language for kids

The story is known to be that you should not have to trust each and every single person on this earth because some people are actually good to you but some of them show to be good to you but in actual they are not in favour of your benefit. Therefore they trap you in the false allegations and get you in the trouble because of which you might have to face a lot of the bad things in your life.

Therefore always make sure that home you are trusting and why you are trusting them. If you get a small instant or intuition from your heart that this person is not right for me then leave them right there immediately.

Although there are many more wonderful as well as interesting panchatantra story in english language are available, which a person can see and also hear from people to get the best morals and learning for the rest of their life.

In simple language we can easily say that the panchatantra story in english language is known to be very much helpful as well as beneficial in learning a lot of the moral of the story for the rest of their life for your kids and make them a more wise and understandable person in the life.

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